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all files firt: thers the firt source tar.gz archive in the pool/ directory pool/main/g/gamze/gamze_6.1.0-1.dsc is a source package for the binary packages for the firt game ok the -dev packages and -src packages should be in the pool/universe and pool/multiverse and pool/non-free directories so those are the name of the binary packages i'll add them they may not have '-' in them /me looks. It just has g. for gaim - i dont recall any otehr names.. but hes here and ive been reading/listing them all -lib-gaim-dev lib-gaim-dev found it lists the.tgz archive of the source code found a lot of tgz files its in the pool directory.. zipped up in a.tgz file.. !find gamze Found: gammazen-data do i need to add the extra repository too? Hmm. Not seen that package name in ages. its a very old game.. Its still there. old dos game. :) i found the.tgz files whats next extract the.tgz archive they're just tgz files no clue. those are where the game source is. an you verify the tgz archive and figure out what is needed to compile it? it says it's already installed extracted that t



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Gamze Ozcelik Gokhan Demirkol Gizli Cekim Telefon Goruntusu valwonn

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